Great success of visitors at the Messersì stand at the Bauma 2019 just concluded.

Many customers and dealers from all over the world have come to see the new products exhibited for the first time at the fair, above all the new tracked dumper TC350d and the range of battery-powered  track dumpers “Zero Emissions” with the new TC50-e and the TC120-e in the “remote control” version.

Going into detail, the new TC350d, with its 3.5 ton payload, is positioned in a category of tracked transporters higher in weight and size than the Messersì production, and is the model that looks to Messersì’s next challenges to further expand more the range of dumpers.
The TC350d has proved to be the most technologically advanced machine of the category at the fair compared to the competition, arousing much curiosity and interest not only among the visitors, but also among the competitors.
The Stage V engine, the hydrostatic transmission, the driving comfort, the large load capacity and the remarkable performance are the most important aspects of this machine that immediately became the benchmark of the category.
All Messersì dealers appreciated the new machine, seeing great commercial potential in European markets and beyond.

The Bauma 2019 for Messersì also meant the evolution in the range of electric battery-powered machines with the presentation of the new TC50-e which, together with the already appreciated TC120-e, completes the range of the “Zero Emissions” tracked dumpers.
This second battery-powered model stems from market demands since the compact dimensions combined with the ease of general management make this battery-powered tracked dumper very interesting for interior renovations, where the possibilities of access in buildings with narrow spaces (domestic doors, corridors, stairs etc.) place limits on the use of larger machines and with internal combustion engines. The correctness of the choice Messersì was immediately confirmed by the various orders made at the fair for this model.

The M-75W wheeled excavator in orange livery is at the same time an arrival and a starting point. Arrival because it is the evolution with the Stage V engine of the M-70W model, already on the market for some time and appreciated for top performance in the market segment to which it belongs and for the high possibility of configurations at hydraulic boom level , which allow you to set it up with different accessories making it a useful multitasking machine in all possible work sites. Starting point because it will soon be accompanied by a 10 TON model.

The fair was, as always, a business vehicle and even this year all the machines at the fair were sold.

Perhaps never as in this edition there have been so many visitors and end users really from all over the world, who came to the Messersì stand certainly to see the news but above all to congratulate for the goodness of the products that they use every day profitably in their work .

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