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• Save up to 40% of vineyard management costs
• Cut the downtime of manual work done on foot
• Prevent musculoskeletal diseases

The TR-10V Rossetto is a mini-tracked tractor that has been specifically designed to speed up and make easy the manual work in the vineyard, especially in high-density grapes. The machine is covered by two patents, has a driving attitude leaving the operator’s hands free, has a width of 60 cm and the seat, tilting to adapt to the slopes of the ground, positioned 50 cm from the ground with the direction facing the grapes. The specific features of Rossetto, unique on the market, allow a considerable saving of labor costs in manual operations in the vineyard, as they make the work constant, fast and comforatble, essentially eliminating all the dead times and pauses allowing savings up to 40% of the time of work!

The Rossetto improves the normal working conditions, allowing constant work over time with a significant reduction in fatigue, injuries and absenteeism. Thanks to its 10 hp diesel engine and to the rubber tracks, the mini-tractor overcomes slopes of up to 70% without damages to the soil, thanks to the low ground pressure.
This machine, born in the vineyard, has been developed in close collaboration with important wine producers and has been tested for several years in all the stages of the manual processing of the vineyard in Italy, France and Brazil. Rossetto is the right machine to help to get the best from the work in every vineyards.

General Features

  • Mini crawler tractor specifically designed for operational use in high density vineyards.
  • The driving position is such as to leave your hands free for working, while the mini-tractor is controlled by the combined use of the knee and the heel.
  • The hydraulic system was designed to allow for perfect controllability, also micro movements both forward and backward.
  • The crawler traction on rubber tracks cans operate in all ground conditions.
  • The low specific pressure of the tracks will not damage the land and allows operating even when those are not perfectly dry.
  • The seat in low position, rotating 180 degrees and tilt, cans perform various machining sitting comfortably, avoiding the onset of pain or disease in the back and knees, to varying gradients of ground.
  • The minor physical fatigue and greater operator comfort allow a significant increase in productivity and yield per hour.
  • The mini-tractor is equipped with rear hook for towing appropriate trailers for the loading of the harvest.
  • The driver’s seat, hinged to the main frame, allows easy passing of the roughness nd depressions of the ground.
  • The strength of the tracks, by independent hydraulic high performance motors, allows for exceptional maneuverability and steering.

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