• Tracked undercarriage with hydrostatic transmission able to receive a large number of equipments.
• Double effect cylinder for the front lifting of the accessories.
• Rubber tracks, monoblock type, with steel cords and heat treated embedded metals.
• Central pairs of rollers on oscillating frame to better absorb rough terrain.
• Patented track lay-out to grant a longer ground surface bearing, an high stability and a good driving comfort in all the loading conditions.
• Diesel engine, water cooled, electric start.
• Hydrostatic transmission with 2 axial pistons pumps and fixed displacement orbit motors. Steering throughout the rotation of the tracks.
• Travelling control by two servoassisted levers with automatic return to “neutral” in case of emergency stops.
• Loading body with large angle of discharge. The round shaped design gives to the machine a pleasant look and allows a quick dumping of the loaded materials.
• The selfloading shovel of 65 lit. of capacity (option) allows an optimal loading of the body. The limited width of the machine is also due to position of the shovel lifting cylinders.
• The hydraulic double effect P.T.O. (option) with a delivery of max. 28 lt./min. and pressure of 165 bar, can be used for auxiliary equipment.
• Operator’s platform and engine bonnet as standard fittings.
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Operational weight with shovel (without operator) Kg 628
Operational capacity Kg 1200
Bucket capacity: heaped (SAE norms) 0.55
Bucket capacity: struck by sand / struck by liquids 0.400 / 0.350
Diesel engine (type and model) Kubota D722-E
Max power at 3600 rpm HP/KW 18 / 13.4
Displacement cm³ 719
Cylinders 3
Max. torque at 2600 rpm daNm 4.5
Cooling liquid
Transmission hydrostatic
Variable displacement piston pumps 2
Total delivery l/min. 35 x 2
Auxiliary gear pump 1
Oil flow l/min. 28
Max working pressure for travelling bar 200
Max working pressure for auxiliary system bar 165
Max speed Km/h 4.1
Steering system through independent tracks hydrostatic
Rubber tracks tensioning adj. screw + spring
Track width mm 180
Specific ground pression: empty / loaded Kg/cm² 0.18 / 0.48
Max gradient capability % 62


Fuel tank capacity lt 9.7
Hydraulic oil tank capacity lt 25.4