- Tracked Electric undercarriagr with rollers tilting in the central area of the track and patented layout of track to ensure a wide footprint, high stability
and excellent driving comfort in all conditions.
- Electric transmission powered by two inverters, two electric motors (designed for heavy duty work even in the toughest conditions) and two planetary gears.
- Drive control using two electronic joysticks with automatic reset for stopping in warming conditions.
- Emergency button and electric brakes to ensure maximum operator safety.
- Hydraulic circuit for the skip with electric motor pump controlled by dedicated inverter.
- 65 liter loading shovel, optional.
Operational weight with shovel (without operator) kg 700
Operating load kg 800
Bucket capacity: heaped (SAE norms) 0.550
Bucket capacity: struck by sand/struck by liquids 0.400 / 0.350
Skip capacity: heaped (SAE norms) 0.500
Skip capacity: struck by sand/struck by liquids 0.370 / 0.320
Type three-phase asynchronous electric motors with electronic control
Electric motors installed 3 (2 translation + 1 services)
Nominal power (per motor) kW/Hp 2 / 2.72
Peak power kW/Hp 4 / 5.44
Maximum !rotation speed rpm 3000
Rated voltage V 80
Maximum current offset A 33
Rated torque from 0 to 1500 rpm daNm 4
Direct transmission on the gear motor
Maximum speed km/h 4
Maximum gradeint at full load % 43
Ground pressure: – empty / loaded kg/cm² 0.20 / 0.40
Track width mm 180
Track tensioning type screw + spring
Pump for services type gear pump
Flow l/min 5
Maximum pressure for services bar 160
Battery capacity kWh 8
Number of elements 24
Chemical type of the cells type LiFePO4 (LithiumIronPhosphate)
Minimum autonomy at payload non-stop working h 4
Average battery life (charge-discharge cycles) 2000
Recharging time with charger STD h 7.5
Controller cooling type air in forced convection