- Mini crawler tractor specifically designed for operational use in high density vineyards.

- The driving position is such as to leave your hands free for working, while the mini-tractor is controlled by the combined use of the knee and the heel.

- The hydraulic system was designed to allow for perfect controllability, also micro movements both forward and backward.

- The crawler traction on rubber tracks cans operate in all ground conditions.

- The low specific pressure of the tracks will not damage the land and allows operating even when those are not perfectly dry.

- The seat in low position, rotating 180 degrees and tilt, cans perform various machining sitting comfortably, avoiding the onset of pain or disease in the back and knees, to varying gradients of ground.

- The minor physical fatigue and greater operator comfort allow a significant increase in productivity and yield per hour.

- The mini-tractor is equipped with rear hook for towing appropriate trailers for the loading of the harvest.

- The driver’s seat, hinged to the main frame, allows easy passing of the roughness nd depressions of the ground.

- The strength of the tracks, by independent hydraulic high performance motors, allows for exceptional maneuverability and steering.


The machine cans be installed a PTO hydraulic flow of 22 l/min at a pressure of 170 bar, to be requested at order, for the possible use of small equipment for work between the rows.

Operating weight (without ballast) Kg 485
Operating Weight (with ballast) Kg 560


Type Kg Diesel YANMAR L100N6
Maximum power (3600 r.p.m.) Kg 10 / 7.4
Displacement cm 435
Cylinder 1
Max engine torque at 2400 rpm daNm 2.7
Cooling   air
Transmission   Hydrostatic
Pumps gear 2
Total flow lt/min 2 x 18
Maximum operating pressure in translation   bar 130
Max speed Km/h 0 ÷ 3.4
Steering system to track independent   hydrostatic
Tension rubber track   screw
Track width mm 180
Specific pressure on the ground – with / without ballast Kg/cm² 0.152 / 0.125
Max gradient max % 70
Tensile Strength Kg 545
Commands traction   levers / pedals
Steering control   single lever


Fuel tank capacity lt 5.4
Hydraulic oil tank capacity lt 16

The minitractor TR-10V Rossetto at work!

Rossetto in Brazil at Vinicola Pericó on the Brazilian TV