- Multifunction tracked machine with hydrostatic transmission with independent closed circuit made by an axial piston pumps and two motors (one for each track).
- Two speeds with electrical switch selection: an adjustable working speed (cruise control) for to the cleaning of the panels plus a faster speed for a quick travelling to the work places.
- Undercarriage fitted with floating rollers and rubber tracks designed for high-speed driving on most the surfaces and easily run on all terrain or muddy ground. The track rollers have been realized with oil bath tapered rolls bearing and “long life” seals.
- Two servo-actuated joy-sticks to control the driving of the machine and the movements of the arm together with the washing tools (brush or sprinkler bar). Swiveling seat to keep the operator always oriented in the travelling direction. An electric-hydraulic valve allows to maintain the position of the joy-stick corresponding to the driving directions however the seat is oriented.
- Soft dumped and adjustable seat to work in safety and comfortable conditions.
- 2.400 liters steel water tank allowing considerable work autonomy. It is fitted with a large inspection hatch, internal breakwater baffles, re-filling pipe with metal mesh filter, visual level indicator. Easily to be removed from the machine chassis. The vessel without the tank can be used for material handling and transportation.
- Telescopic boom with one or three elements to be used together with different washing applications or to lift and handle material.
- The “load sensing” hydraulic distributor allows to move the boom smoothly and precisely.
- The boom swiveling system makes possible to work in both sides (right and left).
- The machine can be used alternatively with two different washing systems: a sophisticated anti-scratch rotating brush or a pressurized (40 bar) water multi-sprinklers stick.
- Electronic control of the distance of the washing system from the photovoltaic panel by ultrasonic sensors: it automatically compensates the possible accidental movements of the telescopic boom due to the rough ground surface and the different gradient of the panels during the cleaning job.
- Hydraulic P.T.O. (flow 36 l/min, max. pressure 250 bar) for the use of optional equipments (lawn mower, brush cutter, shredder, etc…).
- Pressurized water gun for manual washing.


Operational weight kg 4200
Operational loading kg 2500
Diesel engine type KUBOTA V2403M TURBO
Max. power (2600 r.p.m.) HP/Kw 59 / 44
Displacement cm³ 2434
Cylinders n 4
Max. torque at 1600 rpm daNm 16.3
Cooling type liquid
Transmission type hydrostatic
Axial piston pump with variable cubic capacity n 2
Max. Oil flow lt/min 71×2
Gear pump n 3
Oil flow lt/min 65
Max. working pressure for traveling bar 330
Max. working pressure forother applications and uses bar 250
Steering system through independent tracks by servo-controls
Rubber tracks tensioning type with grease
Track width mm 320
Specific ground pressure: – empty / loaded kg/cm2 0.568 / 0.907
Max. gradient capability full loaded max % 70

Washing system

Max. working pressure for the washing pump bar 40
Water flow for the washing pump: with brush / multi-sprinkler bar lt/min 80
Brush diameter mm 1000
Brush length mm 2200 ÷ 3600 ÷ 4200
Rotation speed rpm 120
Multi-sprinkler bar length mm 4000
Maximum speed km/h 5 / 10
Washing max. speed km/h 2

Working capacity

Water consumption:
- brush lt/panel 0.5
lt/min 13
- multi-sprinkler bar lt/panel 1
lt/min 26
ater tank autonomy:
- brush kw/1 full 1300
- multi-sprinkler bar kw/1 full 600
Average speed km/h 1.5
Cleaned surface per hour m2 3000
Cleaned surface with full tank m2 9230


Fuel tank capacity lt 58
Hydraulic oil tank capacity lt 32
Water tank capacity lt 2400


Cleaning and maintenance of photovoltaic plants