Our New tank/skip New design Reinforced Rubber Diesel Hydrostatic Hydraulic new minidumper CH-2N is the technological development of the previous model CH-2R, of which has been maintained the best characteristics, even improved with a series of new technical solutions together with a more up-to-date design;
- with round shaped design, recalling the line of all current models.
- of the engine cover protecting also the battery (which is now “High capacity” with fast discharge rate of 420 A to make the start of the engine easier even in arctic zones).
- idler with new watertight bearings and with a loading capacity increased of 70% than the previous version.
- The engine has been relocated in order to reduce the rear size so to give an higher stability to the empty machine.
- Larger radiator and heat exchanger.
- track built with a monobloc structure incorporating a core of continuous steel wire and heat treated embedded metals.
- or petrol engine 13 Hp, water cooled, with electric start as standard equipment.
- transmission consisting in two axial pistons pumps of variable displacement and two orbital motors of fixed displacement, with planetary drives with multiple disk brakes and negative control system.
- P.T.O. (optional) with flow of 20 l/min and pressure of 140 bar.