Messersì company was founded in 1957 by two brothers Italo and Fabio Messersì as a small shop in Senigallia, in which, with three employees, they started to manufacture construction tools: tools and small items for builfing site (tile cutter, stirrup bending, iron bending, ladders, props, lifting jacks, wheel barrow, etc.)

The company quickly expanded thanks to the strong entrepreneurial capacity of the promoter and to the big increase in the building market.


The Company starts production of small machines and tools for site building. Entering in some export markets, mainly North Africa (Libya and Egypt). Presence to the main exhibitions of the sector in Italy (Bari, Milan, Bologna). During this period the employees increase from 3 to 50 units.


Expanding of the products range and transformation from family company to shareholding company. Building fo the new factory and starting of manufactoring in the new facilities of Casine di Ostra. Registration of the Company's Brand. Starting of manufacturing of wheeled dumpers, 2 and 4 wheel drive, with manual and hydraulic unloading system. Enlargement of range of concrete mixer, drum mixer and tilter mixer. Starting manufacturing of scaffold, two lines: prefabbricated frame with anchor pin and prefabbricated frame with anchor bush. Scaffold system whith steel pipes and forged joints. During this period the employees increase from 50 to 80 units.


Starting manufacturing of steel galvanized platforms and related accessories for scaffold. New investments in the full automated machineries for productions of scaffold and platforms. New line and new model of wheeled Dumpers. New models of selfloading concrete mixers Messersì patented. Awarding of a government supply to a Middle East country of 1000 wheeled Dumpers manufactured and delivered in six months.


First in Europe to start manufacturing of hydrostatic Dumpers. New line and models of hydrostatic Dumpers with central joint. From this machine was derivated a travelling concrete mixer selfloading of 1 mc. Introduction of new equipment on concrete mixers such as electronic weighting system for concrete and aggregates. Manufacturing of backhoe loader, hydrostatic transmission, with ROPS-FOPS for safety protection, able to be driven on roads and off-roads. Starting of production of the first models of miniexcavators (16/18 q). Obtaining of Quality Certification ISO 9001 (continually up dated up today). In this period the workers increase from 90 to 120 units.


Building of a new factory for the manufacturing of scaffold close to the former one, so that the oldone has been dedicated completely for machines manufacturing. The factory’s area increase to 70.000 squares metres total, of which 30.000 squares metres built. In this period manpower increase up to 160. Introduction of new models of miniexcavators (shape, engines, others technical solutions). Introduction of the first zero tail model. Introduction of the first model of wheeled miniexcavator armed with long boom (M-60W). Introduction of new range and models of tracked mini dumpers with on board operator. Introduction of several attachements and accessories. Introduction of new line of skid steer loader, wheeled and tracked. Innovation of tracked mini dumpers with a new trasmission and cooling system patented by Messersì. Introduction of the new full range of zero tail models of miniexcavators: M-13, M-16U, M-28U, M-38U, M-55U, M-60U. Range enlargement of tracked mini dumpers with the introduction of a heavy duty model: TCH-2500.


Introduction of the new line of forestry loaders: CF-80 W4 wheeled and CF-80 TK tracked. Theese machines can be used for many other jobs just by changing the tool attachements. Introduction of new model of tracked mini tractor for manual works on vineyard: TR-10V Rossetto. Introduction of a new tracked machine for fotovoltaic panel cleaning on fields: Roboklin 25.