Dealers or retailers of Messersì products are well recognisable, as since the beginning they become the main reference point for the end users and because starting from the choice of the machine they can direct their Customers towards the best solutions.

The Dealer or the retailer of Messersì products is our best partner who is given the utmost priority and continuous attention as far as its relationship with their own market is concerned, in order to deliver the best service to the end user.


Messersì is selling its construction equipment and machines on the whole Italian territory, thanks to a widespread retailer network.

Since the beginning of its activity, the Company started to export abroad (1961). Following a wise development policy, step by step over the years, the Company has achieved important goals and, after strengthening its position in Europe, today it is selling its products worldwide.

Contact us by phone at our number +39 071688771 or by email at our Export Department address to receive more information about our closest Dealer to you.